China Vows Safety for Foreigners after Stabbing of US Instructors

In response to the stabbing incident involving four US college instructors in Jilin, China, the Chinese government has stated that it considers the attack an isolated event. The instructors, who were participating in an exchange program with Beihua University, sustained injuries during the incident in a public park. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lin Jian emphasized that authorities believe the case is isolated and that an investigation is ongoing. Jian expressed that the incident would not hinder China-US people-to-people exchanges.

This incident marks a rare case of violent crime against foreigners in China. Cornell College, the institution where the educators are affiliated, has confirmed that no students were involved in the program. President Jonathan Brand stated that the college is providing support to the affected instructors.

Social media footage reportedly emerged after the attack, showing individuals lying on the ground with bloodstains. Despite the graphic nature of the scene, the individuals appeared conscious and were using their cellphones.

The motive and identity of the perpetrator(s) remain unknown at this time. The US State Department has acknowledged the reports and is monitoring the situation. Knife attacks are relatively common in China due to strict gun control laws, but attacks targeting foreigners are unusual.

This incident occurs as China aims to attract international visitors after easing Covid-19 border restrictions and while efforts are underway to enhance educational exchanges between China and the US amidst a strained relationship between the two countries.

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