Criminal Justice System Malfunctions: Trump’s Conviction Raises Concerns

Our criminal justice system is broken and the recent guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump is a glaring example. Prosecutors and judges have too much power and can target anyone they want, regardless of guilt or innocence. This is not justice. It’s a system that is rigged against the people it’s supposed to protect.

The overcriminalization of American society is a major problem. There are simply too many laws on the books, and this gives prosecutors and judges the ability to charge people with crimes that they didn’t even know they were committing. This is a dangerous trend that needs to be stopped.

The weaponization of the criminal justice system is another serious problem. Prosecutors and judges are increasingly using the criminal justice system to target their political opponents. This is a clear violation of the rule of law and it needs to stop.

We need to hold prosecutors and judges accountable for their actions. We need to demand transparency in the criminal justice process. And we need to work towards a more just and equitable system that protects the rights of all Americans.

Put your politics aside. Whether you like or dislike Donald Trump, is there any American that can honestly say this evolution of our criminal justice system is a good thing? We must stop placating judicial abuse and corruption or any one of us could be met with brute political and legal warfare by those in power.

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