Dakota Johnson’s Effortless Braid: A Lesson in Summer Hair

Actress Dakota Johnson was recently spotted in New York sporting an effortless plait that has caught the attention of hairstylists. While Johnson may have been on the set of her forthcoming film, her stylish braid deserves its own spotlight.

This undone style stands in stark contrast to the slicked-back braids seen on stars like Zendaya. The key to Johnson’s braid lies in its low positioning on the head, where it starts. According to hairstylist Mark Reed, this placement informs the way the rest of the hair falls and gives the style its effortless feel.

Reed also highlights the importance of texture in creating loose braids like Dakota’s. To achieve this un-styled, effortless look, he recommends spritzing a texturizing spray into hair that is not freshly washed. This extra body helps to give the plait its desired volume and texture.

The combination of the low positioning and added texture creates a braid that is both stylish and practical for the summer months. It provides a cool and chic alternative to the popular bob cut and serves as inspiration for how to keep cool in the city during the heat. Whether you’re on the set of a film or simply running errands, Dakota Johnson’s effortless plait is a hairstyle that is both effortless and chic.

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