Dashlane: A Comprehensive Password Manager with Enhanced Security Features

Dashlane is a comprehensive password manager that aims to simplify your life by easing access to all your accounts securely. It offers a range of features including unlimited password storage, secure sharing, password generation, passwordless login, dark web monitoring, and a VPN.

Tiers and Pricing

Dashlane offers a free version with limited features and a premium subscription plan starting at $60 per year. The premium plan includes all the features of the free version plus unlimited password storage, secure sharing, strong password generation, passwordless login, dark web monitoring, and a VPN. Dashlane also offers a Family and Friends plan for $90 per year, which allows up to 10 people to use the premium features.


Dashlane’s core feature is automatic login filling for websites. It also allows users to store secure notes, addresses, phone numbers, and ID information. The password health tab identifies weak or compromised passwords and helps users create stronger ones. The included VPN protects users’ online privacy and enhances their security when browsing the web.


Dashlane offers various support options including self-help documentation, a chatbot, and live chat with agents. Live chat is available during specific hours, and users can also submit support requests via email.

Privacy and Security

Dashlane prioritizes user privacy and does not share or sell personal data to third parties. It has a strong security record with no breaches in its 12-year history, ensuring that users’ passwords and sensitive information are protected.

Is Dashlane Right for You?

Dashlane is an excellent choice for individuals and families looking to enhance their online security and simplify password management. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including password storage, sharing, generation, passwordless login, dark web monitoring, and a VPN. While its subscription price is slightly higher than some competitors, its enhanced security features and user-friendly interface make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a robust and reliable password manager.

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