Delhi Residents Grapple with Water Crisis Amidst Heatwave

Delhi’s sweltering heatwave conditions have been partially alleviated by heavy rainfall on Wednesday evening. However, the city continues to battle a severe water shortage. On Thursday morning, residents of the Sanjay camp area queued for water from a tanker. The lack of water in Delhi has significantly impacted daily life, with many resorting to collecting water in plastic containers or cans. Residents reported facing challenges, such as difficulty cooking, due to the water scarcity.

“There is no water… It is causing a lot of difficulties, and cooking food is also tough… We queue up for water at 6 am. The tanker comes either at 7 am or 8 am or 8.30 am. Sometimes it doesn’t even come… Only one tanker comes a day…,” a resident told. Another resident, Reena Das, said, “Water comes on alternate days, even when it comes it gives out a foul odor – unfit for drinking or even washing clothes… There is chaos for water… There is just one source of bore water…”

The worsening water shortage has sparked political disagreements between authorities regarding water supply. On May 31, the AAP government filed a petition with the Supreme Court, requesting the Haryana government to release additional water provided by Himachal Pradesh to Delhi. The AAP’s appeal highlighted the urgent need to address Delhi’s severe water crisis exacerbated by the heatwave conditions.

Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini, however, refuted the Delhi government’s claims that Haryana had failed to provide adequate water to the city. On Sunday, he stated that his administration had provided Delhi with more water than the agreed-upon amount. BJP leader Nayab Singh Saini also urged the Delhi government to focus on resource allocation and efficient management.

On May 30, the Delhi government announced the establishment of a central control room to oversee water supply across the city amidst the ongoing water crisis. Delhi Water Minister Atishi also announced that residents can call ‘1916’ to request water tankers. Livemint has emerged as the world’s fastest-growing news website. India’s leading news destination, Mint, provides extensive business coverage and market insights.

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