Denon Home Amp: A Powerful, Feature-Rich Wireless Amplifier

Denon’s latest entry into the competitive wireless, multiroom audio space is the Denon Home Amp. This powerful amplifier is essentially a next-generation version of the HEOS Amp HS2, boasting several key upgrades to keep it relevant in today’s tech-savvy homes.

One of the most notable improvements is the inclusion of an HDMI eARC input, a feature that allows the Home Amp to receive multichannel Dolby Audio signals from compatible devices like TVs or Blu-ray players. This enables users to enjoy immersive surround sound without needing a separate AV receiver or soundbar.

The Home Amp also features enhanced power output, delivering up to 125 watts per channel. This increased power ensures that connected speakers can reproduce a wider dynamic range and deliver a more powerful sound.

While inheriting the core functionality of the HEOS Amp HS2, the Home Amp embraces a sleek, modern design that complements contemporary home theater setups. It features touch controls on the front panel for convenient access to presets, play/pause functions, track skipping, and volume adjustments.

As a testament to its versatility, the Home Amp integrates seamlessly with Denon’s HEOS ecosystem, allowing users to stream music from popular services like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and more. It supports high-resolution audio formats such as ALAC, FLAC, and WAV, ensuring audiophile-quality listening experiences.

The Home Amp further extends its connectivity options with optical and USB-A digital inputs, RCA analog inputs, and four-way binding posts for passive speakers and a subwoofer output. It also features Bluetooth pairing for effortless wireless connectivity.

Adding to its appeal, the Home Amp incorporates Apple AirPlay 2 support, enabling users to stream lossless audio from any Apple device and control the amplifier using Apple Siri voice commands. While Amazon Alexa compatibility is supported through the HEOS Alexa skill, Google Assistant integration is currently absent.

Denon’s commitment to innovation and user experience is evident in the Home Amp’s comprehensive feature set and enhanced performance. It’s a powerful and versatile wireless amplifier that offers a high-quality audio solution for modern homes, making it a strong contender in the increasingly competitive audio market.

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