Dental Transformation Abroad Gives Mum Confidence After Lifetime of Self-Consciousness

A lifetime of self-consciousness about her teeth ended for a Swansea mum after a dental makeover abroad. Nicola Jones, 47, had long been embarrassed by the noticeable gaps between her teeth. Despite trying fixed braces as a teenager, the gaps returned within 10 months. Feeling increasingly self-conscious, Nicola sought help from her private dentist, who dismissed her concerns. A friend recommended Dentum, a clinic in Zagreb, Croatia, which offers treatments at a fraction of the cost in the UK. Nicola underwent a dental makeover that included veneers, whitening, a root canal, and gum reshaping. The transformation has profoundly impacted her confidence and she now receives compliments from strangers about her smile. Nicola enthusiastically recommends Dentum to others and Andrej Bozic, an oral surgeon at the clinic, highlights the growing number of British patients seeking treatments due to NHS waiting times and high costs in private clinics in the UK.

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