Ding Liren to Defend World Championship Title Against D Gukesh

In a highly anticipated chess match later this year, Ding Liren, the reigning World Champion, will defend his title against rising star D Gukesh. Gukesh, 18, qualified for the title match by winning the prestigious Candidates Tournament in Toronto, becoming its youngest champion ever.

Liren, 31, claimed the title in 2023 after a thrilling victory over Ian Nepomniachtchi, who had drawn their classical chess games. Liren’s path to the championship was aided by the absence of Magnus Carlsen, who declined to defend his title.

The World Championship match promises to be a captivating contest, with Gukesh eager to upset the established order and challenge Liren’s reign. The match will likely take place in Delhi, Chennai, or Singapore, adding to its global appeal.

In a recent interview, Liren discussed the upcoming match, praising Gukesh’s talent and determination. He also reflected on his own mental health struggles and identified Garry Kasparov as the greatest chess player of all time.

The exclusive interview with Ding Liren will air on June 6th at 7 PM IST. Don’t miss this captivating conversation and the highly anticipated World Championship match between Liren and Gukesh.

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