DJI’s FlyCart 30 Drone Completes History-Making Delivery Trials on Mount Everest

Groundbreaking delivery trials on Mount Everest have showcased the capabilities of DJI’s FlyCart 30 drone, in collaboration with Nepalese partners. The drone successfully transported supplies and equipment, including oxygen bottles and additional supplies, from Everest Base Camp to Camp 1, located at an altitude of 5,300-6,000 meters above sea level (ASL). Additionally, the drone carried trash back down on its return flight.

The FlyCart 30, designed to withstand the extreme conditions of Everest, including temperatures ranging from -15°C to 5°C, wind speeds up to 15m/s, and altitudes exceeding 6,000m ASL, underwent rigorous testing before the trials. The drone’s ability to navigate the treacherous Khumbu Icefall, a challenging obstacle for helicopters due to high risks and costs, highlights its potential to transform mountaineering logistics.

The trials aimed to reduce the burden on local Sherpa guides, who traditionally carry essential supplies and remove trash on Everest. This dangerous task involves crossing the icefall over 30 times during the climbing season, putting the Sherpas’ lives at risk. The FlyCart 30 can complete the round-trip transportation of supplies and trash in a 12-minute round trip, regardless of the time of day, alleviating the risks faced by Sherpas.

The successful trials have led to the Nepalese government contracting a local drone service company to initiate regular drone delivery operations on Everest’s southern slope starting May 22. This move underscores the potential of drones to enhance safety, improve efficiency, and promote environmental conservation in high-altitude mountaineering.

The FlyCart 30 has also been utilized in various other applications around the world, demonstrating its versatility and adaptability. It has been used to plant saplings on steep hillsides in Japan, improve solar PV installation in Mexico, aid mountain fire rescue efforts in Norway, and support scientific research in Antarctica.

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