Edmonton Pubs Booming with Oilers Playoff Excitement

Edmonton Pubs Booming with Oilers Playoff Excitement

The Edmonton Oilers’ successful playoff run has brought a wave of excitement to the city, and downtown pubs like Kelly’s Pub are reaping the benefits. Manager Scott Krebes reports a high volume of calls for reservations, with some fans even attempting to secure seats just an hour before Game 1. The enthusiasm has been so intense that even Kelly’s Pub’s patio was packed during Game 1, despite the chilly temperatures.

Edmontonians are not letting the Game 1 loss dampen their spirits. Fans are already making plans for future games, with Krebes noting that they have reservations for Games 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Even on Monday, they had already received around 50 reservations.

Sports commentator Reid Wilkins believes the Oilers’ performance in Game 1, despite the loss, gives reason for optimism. He noted their tempo and presence around the net, indicating that they have the potential to put pressure on the Florida Panthers in upcoming games. Wilkins encourages fans to relish the experience of being in the Stanley Cup Final.

Krebes anticipates the phone at Kelly’s Pub will continue to ring as fans make reservations for upcoming games. The high level of excitement among Oilers fans is a testament to the team’s success and the city’s passion for hockey.

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