Fire Erupts in Rouen Cathedral Spire, Evacuation Ordered

A fire has ignited in the spire of Rouen Cathedral in northern France, prompting an immediate response from emergency services. The mayor of Rouen, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, shared a photo of the smoke plume rising from the Gothic monument on X, confirming the incident. He stated that the fire’s origin is currently unknown and that all public resources are being mobilized to fight the blaze.

The alarm was raised at noon local time (1000 GMT), according to the local fire department, SDIS76. A significant force of 33 vehicles and 63 firefighters were immediately dispatched to the scene. It remains unclear whether the fire has reached the wooden frame of the spire.

The incident echoes the devastating fire that ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in 2019, which was attributed to a fire in the wooden frame of the roof. Repairs to Notre Dame are nearing completion.

As a precautionary measure, the Our Lady of the Assumption cathedral has been evacuated, and a security perimeter established. The prefecture has urged people to stay away from the area to allow emergency responders to work effectively.

The construction of Rouen Cathedral began in the 12th century, spanning several centuries until its present form was achieved, according to the cathedral’s website.

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