Follow in Bella Hadid’s Footsteps: How to Create a Muted Latte Manicure

Last month, Bella Hadid graced the Cannes red carpet, showcasing an elegant tonal latte palette that extended even to her fingertips. Her muted manicure has since become a sought-after look, with requests pouring in for the specific shade used. Bella’s manicurist, Emi Kudo, has revealed that the model herself played a key role in selecting the perfect color to complement her dress. To achieve the desired shade, Emi blended three colors from the Apres Valentine’s palette, creating a custom cafe au lait hue. The process involved blending the cuticle growth line, buffing the surface, applying a base coat, and then applying the custom-mixed color. A top coat and cuticle oil completed the look. While the exact palette used is sold out, you can still capture the essence of Bella’s latte nails by bringing a screenshot of her manicure as inspiration to your next salon visit. Embrace the iced latte season with this chic and understated nail design.

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