Ford v Ferrari: A Must-Watch Racing Drama on Hulu

Hulu boasts a vast library of movies, and this July, one standout film you absolutely must stream is the 2019 racing drama *Ford v Ferrari*. Director James Mangold assembled an exceptional cast for this film, which tells the real-life tale of the fierce rivalry between Ford and Ferrari. While the corporate battle forms the backdrop, the true heart of the story lies in the dynamic duo of Christian Bale and Matt Damon, portraying the men tasked with bringing Ford’s ambitious vision to life.

Audiences were captivated by *Ford v Ferrari*, which emerged as one of the box office successes of 2019. Five years later, it remains a beloved film, and we’re here to share why you should add it to your watchlist this July.

Christian Bale delivers one of his most compelling performances. Bale is rarely, if ever, less than brilliant, even in films like *Thor: Love and Thunder*. In *Ford v Ferrari*, he takes on the challenging role of Ken Miles, a character far from likable. Miles is arrogant, quick to anger, and struggles to find common ground with anyone outside his immediate circle. In the hands of a lesser actor, this could have been an off-putting portrayal. However, Bale leans into Miles’ flaws while simultaneously revealing his humanity and other complex emotions. Bale’s masterful performance allows viewers to sympathize with Miles despite his shortcomings, making him a compelling character we can root for.

Matt Damon also delivers a career-defining performance. Damon’s acting prowess is perfectly matched with Bale’s. Just as Bale brings his A-game to Ken Miles, so too does Damon to his role as Carroll Shelby, a retired race car driver turned owner of his own company, Shelby American. Shelby is one of the few characters who genuinely likes Miles, despite his abrasive personality, but this doesn’t mean their relationship is without conflict. Damon, known for his roles in films like *Good Will Hunting*, demonstrates just how far he has come as an actor. His talent shines in *Ford v Ferrari*, solidifying his place as one of Hollywood’s finest.

The rivalry between Ford and Ferrari fuels compelling drama. The stellar cast extends to the supporting players, even though Henry Ford II (Tracy Letts) and Enzo Ferrari (Remo Girone) don’t have significant roles in the film that bears their names. It’s hard to sympathize with a millionaire like Ford in a fight with a business rival, but Ferrari’s actions make it easier. He not only rejects a collaborative agreement but also insults the entire Ford company after achieving his desired outcome. This infuriates Ford, prompting him to spend an exorbitant amount of money to build a race car that will outshine Ferrari. Without this rivalry, the film’s core story wouldn’t exist. It also sets the stage for smaller rivalries within Ford itself, particularly between Vice President Leo Beebe (Josh Lucas) and the team of Miles and Shelby. Beebe constantly tries to sabotage Miles and Shelby at every turn. Jon Bernthal, known for his role in Marvel’s *Punisher*, also appears as one of Ford’s most famous executives, Lee Iacocca, who is a more balanced figure than Beebe. The strong ensemble cast contributes significantly to the film’s captivating conflicts.

The racing scenes are both intense and exhilarating. The racing scenes in *Ford v Ferrari* don’t rely on unrealistic physics like the *Fast and the Furious* franchise. While NASCAR fans might find the older style of the 24 Hours of Le Mans less exciting than modern racing, Mangold manages to infuse every scene featuring Miles behind the wheel with adrenaline-pumping excitement. This is partly due to the ongoing drama within Ford’s inner circle, which further amplifies the stakes when Miles faces attempts to sabotage his pursuit of glory.

Historical accuracy is paramount. Like any film based on a true story, *Ford v Ferrari* takes some dramatic liberties with the events. However, it resists the temptation of a traditional Hollywood ending, opting instead for a more contemplative conclusion in its final moments. We won’t spoil the ending, but it delivers a powerful emotional impact after everything that unfolds in the film. It would have been a disservice to Shelby and Miles to stray from the truth. By staying true to real events, *Ford v Ferrari* achieves its status as a modern cinematic masterpiece.

Don’t miss this captivating racing drama on Hulu this July.

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