Google’s Gemini AI App Expands to UK, Europe, and Soon iOS as a Chatbot Within Google App

Google’s Gemini AI App Expands to UK, Europe, and Soon iOS as a Chatbot Within Google App

Google is expanding the reach of its Gemini AI assistant app, making it available to more users worldwide. The Android version of the app is now available in the UK and Europe, while an iOS version is expected to launch in the coming weeks. The iOS version of Gemini will be integrated into the official Google app.

A Google spokesperson highlighted the capabilities of Gemini, stating that users can use the app to seek assistance with various tasks. For instance, they can take a picture of a flat tire and request instructions on how to change it, or ask for help composing a thank-you note. Gemini represents a significant step towards developing a true AI assistant that is conversational, multimodal, and helpful.

However, it’s important to note that the Gemini app is not compatible with all Android devices. Currently, it works on devices such as the Google Pixel 8 series, Google Pixel 7 series, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Xiaomi 14 Ultra, Nothing Phone 2, and Nothing Phone 2a. It does not currently support the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, Motorola Razr (2023), or Google Pixel Tablet. This compatibility list may change in the future and may also vary depending on the region. If you cannot find the app listed in the Google Play Store on your device, you can check through Chrome to confirm whether your phone is supported at this time.

If you have a compatible device, you can download the Google Gemini app and switch from Google Assistant to Gemini, as the two services cannot operate concurrently. If you are new to Google Gemini, there are helpful guides available to assist you in getting started with the AI chatbot.

Google is continuously developing and improving Gemini, and we can expect further updates and enhancements in the future.

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