Heart Machine Un unveils ‘Possessor(s)’, a 2D Action Plat former with Metroidvania Elements Coming in 2025

The upcoming title from Heart Machine, Possessor(s), promises a captivating blend of action, platforming, and exploration. This 2D adventure takes players to a flooded city scarred by an interdimensional catastrophe. As Luca, the game’s protagonist, you’ll embark on a journey of survival and discovery alongside Rehm, a mysterious entity.

Inspired by platform fighters like Super Smash Bros., Possessor(s) empowers you to unleash a diverse arsenal of weapons and abilities, creating dynamic air and ground combos. The game’s Metroidvania elements add depth to the gameplay, granting access to new areas as you acquire new powers.

Heart Machine emphasizes narrative alongside intense gameplay. Possessor(s) delves into the complexities of survival in a ravaged city, exploring the bond between Luca and Rehm as they navigate the unknown.

Possessor(s) stands out from Heart Machine’s previous offerings like Hyper Light Breaker, offering a distinct experience that may appeal to fans of Metroidvanias. Its anticipated release in 2025 for PC and consoles has gamers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Heart Machine’s creative journey.

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