How to Redeem Codes on Your Xbox Series X/S

Whether you’re eager to dive into a new game with a code, activate your Game Pass subscription, or add funds to your wallet with a gift card, the Xbox Series X/S UI might stand between you and your digital purchase. While Xbox’s UI hasn’t seen a drastic overhaul since the Xbox One era, it can still feel a bit convoluted, especially for those who don’t frequently redeem codes. Fortunately, the option is just a few clicks away once you know where to find it.

To redeem codes on your Xbox Series X/S, follow these simple steps:


Power up your Xbox Series X/S and press the Xbox button on your controller.

This will bring up the guide menu.

From the guide, select Store.

This will open the Xbox store where you can browse games, add-ons, and other digital content.

Press the View button on your controller to open the side menu.

This will reveal additional options within the store.

Select Redeem and type in your 25-character code.

Ensure that you enter the code accurately, as any errors will prevent successful redemption.

Click Next to complete your redemption.

The code will be processed, and you’ll be granted access to the content associated with the code.

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the game, subscription, or digital goodies that your code unlocks!

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