In-Home Expo 2024: A Comprehensive Home Shopping Extravaganza

The much-anticipated In-Home Expo 2024 has officially opened its doors to the public, bringing together an unparalleled selection of home products and services under one roof. From June 8th to 10th, attendees can immerse themselves in six distinct zones, each catering to a specific aspect of home living. Building Materials, Interior Design, Bedroom Products, Home Appliances, Health Equipment, and Professional Services are just a few of the categories represented at the Expo.

Over 850 exhibitors are showcasing their latest innovations, offering exclusive deals and promotions. Attendees can participate in a lucky draw and daily quiz games for a chance to win prizes worth over HKD 200,000, including round-trip air tickets, home appliances, and supermarket vouchers. The Expo also features free professional consultation seminars led by experts in Feng Shui, renovation, and home décor.

The opening ceremony was graced by notable figures from the design industry, including Prof. Eric Yim, Chairman of the Hong Kong Design Centre, and Mr. Alan Cheung, Chairman of the FHKI’s Design Council of Hong Kong. Their presence underscores the importance of the Expo as a platform for showcasing the latest home trends and connecting industry professionals with consumers.

The local real estate market has experienced a surge in transactions since the removal of cooling measures, leading to increased demand for renovations and home decoration. The In-Home Expo 2024 serves as an ideal destination to meet this demand, offering a comprehensive range of products and services to cater to every home need.

Among the highlights of the Expo are Tolam Commerce Company Ltd.’s expansive appliance outlet, Wing Tai Chinaware Enterprise Company’s exquisite porcelains, and Monmaya Hong Kong Ltd.’s handmade solid wood furniture. Sealy Asia (Hong Kong) Limited offers high-quality mattresses at substantial discounts, while AI Dream (HK) Limited presents an exclusive deal on the ‘Magic Bean Pillow’. A Limited provides custom cabinet packages at a discounted price, and Alris Technology Limited introduces the Acalava electronic moisture-proof wardrobe.

The Expo also features a Ceramic Handmade DIY Workshop hosted by Wing Tai Chinaware Enterprise Company, where attendees can create their own personalized ceramic pieces. Additionally, a daily on-site quiz game offers chances to win over 1,200 prizes.

The ‘Mastercard Lucky Draw Spending Program’ provides opportunities to win round-trip air tickets, home appliances, gifts, and vouchers for every HK$500 spent using a Mastercard at designated booths. With its diverse offerings, exclusive deals, and interactive activities, the In-Home Expo 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

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