Industrial Action Looms at Norwegian Airports, Passengers Advised

In the event of a strike, the withdrawal will commence on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, at 12:00 PM. It will impact a total of 140 employees across various airports:

Oslo Airport (OSL):

While scheduled maintenance and minor tasks may need to be rescheduled, travelers are expected to remain largely unaffected.

Bergen Airport (BGO):

Initially, only essential flights such as ambulance flights, search and rescue operations, pilot transfers, and helicopter traffic to and from offshore locations will be accommodated. From June 15-16, there will be a complete cessation of all regular air traffic, including ambulance flights.

Brønnøysund Airport (BNN):

The airport will be incapable of accommodating any form of traffic, including commercial flights, ambulance services, and offshore operations.

Førde Airport (FDE):

The withdrawal will lead to a complete halt in air traffic operations, affecting both scheduled and ambulance flights.

Kirkenes Airport (KKN):

Initially, Kirkenes Airport will only accommodate Widerøe flights and ambulance services on select days, with closures for all other traffic in the afternoon and evening hours.

Ålesund Airport (AES):

The airport will exclusively manage air ambulance flights during daytime hours, with closures for all other traffic in the afternoon and evening.

Kristiansand Airport (KRS):

The airport can maintain near-normal operations during daytime hours, but capacity will be limited to air ambulance flights and smaller Widerøe aircraft in the afternoon and evening.

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