iPad Camera Shocker: Does It Beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

iPad Camera Shocker: Does It Beat the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

The iPad Air (2024) has a single camera, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts a triple-lens camera system. Despite this significant difference, the iPad’s camera has impressed in several ways.

Where It All Started

Initially, the author used the iPad Air (2024) as their primary camera for a few days, thinking it would be more awkward and embarrassing than it actually was. However, when the author compared photos taken with the iPad and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, they were surprised to find that the iPad’s photos were sometimes more appealing.

The iPad’s photos had brighter exposure, capturing more vibrant colors and details in certain lighting conditions. This was particularly noticeable when taking photos of crowds or scenes with varying levels of light.

Looking More Closely

A closer examination revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s photos had significantly more detail, especially when zoomed in. The iPhone’s superior camera sensors and processing capabilities allowed it to capture finer textures and sharper images.

While the iPad’s photos lacked detail, they were still acceptable for general use. The author noted that the iPad’s camera performed well in taking close-ups, indoor shots, and outdoor photos during the day.

No, the iPad’s Camera Isn’t Better than the iPhone’s

Despite the iPad’s impressive performance in certain situations, the author concluded that it does not take higher-quality photos than the iPhone 15 Pro Max overall.

The iPhone’s superior camera system provides more versatility, including features like portrait mode, wide-angle lens, and telephoto lens. Additionally, the iPhone’s smaller size and better handling make it more practical for everyday photography.

Confusing Thoughts and Emotions

The author initially questioned their own judgment and wondered if they had been mistaken about the iPhone’s camera quality. However, after further testing, they realized that the iPhone’s camera exposure levels were often too heavy-handed, resulting in underexposed and overly dark photos.

The iPad’s camera, on the other hand, seemed to more accurately set the tone and balance of a scene, exposing it more naturally.


While the iPad Air (2024) has a surprisingly capable camera, it is not a replacement for a dedicated camera phone like the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPad’s larger size, lack of features, and impracticality make it unsuitable for serious photography. However, the comparison highlights a potential issue with the iPhone’s camera exposure settings and serves as a reminder that even a basic camera can take decent photos under the right conditions.

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