John Waters Declares ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ the Best Movie of 2024 So Far

John Waters, the acclaimed underground filmmaker known for his eccentric style, has declared ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ as his top movie pick of 2024 so far. Waters, who has established himself as a discerning critic, has consistently shared his list of favorite films, offering valuable insights into cinematic artistry.

In an interview with Mashable, Waters lauded ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ as a captivating blend of tenderness, horror, and eroticism, deeming it one of the year’s finest cinematic offerings. The film, a crime thriller starring Kristen Stewart, follows Lou, a gym manager who finds herself entangled in a complex love triangle with an aspiring bodybuilder and her brother-in-law. While the movie received positive reviews upon its release in early March, its box office performance was relatively muted. However, it is now available for streaming on VOD.

Waters’ recommendation carries significant weight, as he has consistently demonstrated a discerning eye for cinematic excellence. While his previous choice, ‘Beau Is Afraid,’ did not resonate with the author of this article, the endorsement of ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ is compelling, particularly given Stewart’s acclaimed performance. The film’s intricate plot, suspenseful execution, and thought-provoking ending make it a must-watch for enthusiasts of crime thrillers and discerning moviegoers alike.

According to Waters, ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ possesses a unique ability to linger in the mind, prompting contemplation and discussion long after viewing. The film’s enigmatic ending, a blend of absurdity and logical coherence, adds depth and intrigue to the viewing experience. Waters sees glimpses of genius in this compelling film set against the backdrop of the American desert, and highly recommends it to fans of captivating crime thrillers such as ‘Blood Simple’ or simply those seeking a cinematic experience that transcends the ordinary.

Given Waters’ reputation as a discerning critic and Stewart’s stellar performance, ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ emerges as a highly anticipated film for 2024. Its availability on Amazon Prime Video makes it readily accessible to viewers eager to immerse themselves in its gripping narrative and explore the complexities of human relationships and desire.

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