K-Pop Influences Surface in R13’s Resort Collection

In a recent interview, designer Chris Leba revealed that Korean influencers have significantly impacted his work at R13. Introduced to their style through TikTok, Leba was particularly drawn to their use of legwarmers. For this resort preview, he incorporated plushy knit legwarmers into his designs, pairing them with over-the-knee shorts and his signature bulky shoes.

While Leba was not consciously designing for K-Pop idols, his algorithm has been exposing him to an abundance of Korean fashion inspiration. Another notable influence on the collection was the 1984 film ‘Dune’. Leba’s fascination with the film’s costumes led to the incorporation of sandworm-like funnel necklines on sweatshirts and wide foldover collars on outerwear.

Beyond K-Pop and ‘Dune’, Leba also drew inspiration from Sigourney Weaver’s sweatpants in the original ‘Alien’ movie. These were reimagined as slouchy low-rise bermuda shorts and pants. A long-held affinity for military design details also manifested in the collection, with zigzag stitching and seam taping inspired by an old Chinese flare parachute purchased on eBay.

Despite these diverse influences, Leba’s commitment to his R13 philosophy remains unwavering. His clothes maintain a sense of familiarity while introducing subtle elements of the unexpected. This approach continues to resonate with celebrities, with stars like JLo, Sophia Richie Grainge, Dua Lipa, and Travis Kelce embracing R13’s distinctive designs.

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