Kangana Ranaut’s Hypocrisy Exposed: Slapping Justification for Will Smith, but Not for Herself

Kangana Ranaut, now a politician in addition to being an actress, has come under fire for her recent criticism of those who support the CISF lady constable who allegedly slapped her at the airport. Netizens were quick to point out that Ranaut had previously spoken in favor of Will Smith when he slapped comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. Ranaut had justified Smith’s violence in that case but condemned the constable’s alleged actions against her.

Ranaut’s comments have highlighted her double standards and sparked a debate about the acceptance of violence against women. Social media users have pointed out that Ranaut’s justification of Smith’s violence in 2022 contradicts her condemnation of the constable’s alleged actions against her. This has led to accusations of hypocrisy and has raised questions about whether Ranaut truly believes that violence is never justified.

The incident has also reignited the debate about the treatment of women in India. Many have pointed out that the constable’s alleged actions against Ranaut are indicative of a wider problem of violence against women in the country. Ranaut’s case has brought this issue to the forefront and has prompted calls for change.

It remains to be seen what the long-term impact of Ranaut’s comments will be. However, they have certainly started a conversation about double standards and the acceptance of violence against women. This is an important conversation that needs to continue in order to create a more just and equitable society for all.

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