Kari Theory Celebrates First Anniversary with ‘Kadal Virundhu’

Kari Theory Celebrates First Anniversary with ‘Kadal Virundhu’

Over the past year, Kari Theory has captured the essence of Tamil street food and the hearts of everyone who visited, boasting consistently delicious food and drinks. To commemorate this special occasion, they are hosting ‘Kadal Virundhu’, a two-week-long celebration honoring Tamil Nadu’s bountiful coastline.

For the next two weeks, Executive Chef Kishore will bring the freshest catch of the day directly to your table, accompanied by the visual drama Kari Theory is known for. Enjoy streetside delicacies like Pazhaverkadu Nandu Peratal and Thoothukudi Singi Eral Varuval, paired with carefully crafted cocktails or a selection from the extensive wine list.

The festivities kicked off with a fun-filled, lavish party attended by the city’s glitterati, celebrating all things Tamil. The launch of ‘Kadal Virundhu’ was a treat for all the senses, with ‘The Office Gaana Guys’ bringing their unparalleled energy and authentic streetside vibe for a truly immersive experience.

‘As we celebrate our first-year anniversary at Kari theory, we thank all our patrons for giving us their immense love and support. We wanted to ring in the next year in the best way that depicts what Kari Theory stands for. My chefs have travelled to many coastal regions of Tamil Nadu to create a menu that features street food favourites such as Nandu Omelette, Squid Roast, and much more. I invite you to drop in for lunch or dinner to enjoy the authentic, classical flavours of Tamil Nadu at Kari Theory,’ says Kishore, Executive Chef, Radisson Blu GRT Chennai.

Kari Theory looks forward to sharing this momentous occasion with you during the first two weeks of June, as they take you on a sumptuous journey through Tamil Nadu’s versatile coastline.

Kadal Virundhu is available from June 1st to June 16th, from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM at Kari Theory, Radisson Blu GRT Chennai.

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