Keep Celery Crunchy and Fresh for 4 Weeks with This Easy Storage Solution

Celery, like many other salad items, has a limited shelf life once refrigerated. However, by adjusting your storage technique, you can extend its freshness for up to four weeks.

Mike from Kitchen Tips Online addressed the question, “What is the optimal way to store celery?” He emphasized that manufacturers package celery with small holes in plastic wrapping, indicating that completely enclosing it in plastic is not advisable. The food storage expert elaborated, “Notice how they employ plastic wrapping, but it’s crucial to note that it’s open at the ends with small holes. This suggests that the manufacturer does not recommend tightly wrapping celery in plastic.”

Mike proceeded to demonstrate an alternative storage method for celery, stating, “I have some celery that’s been in the fridge for about four weeks. As you can see, it’s tightly wrapped in aluminum foil.” He then showcased the effectiveness of this approach by snapping a stalk in half, revealing a satisfying crunch even after four weeks.

Explaining the efficacy of aluminum foil, Mike said, “The foil shields the celery from ethylene gas. If you have fruit in your fridge, remember to never mix fruits and vegetables.” Fruits release ethylene gas as they ripen, which is detrimental to celery.

Mike, a food expert, recommends storing celery in the “coldest part of your fridge, which is typically the crisper drawer.” He advises keeping it separate from fruits to prevent exposure to ethylene gas.

If your celery has already wilted, there’s a quick fix you can try. Submerge the stalks in a glass of iced water and let the cold water revive them.

Alternatively, wilted celery can be incorporated into various recipes, such as risotto or soup. For a creamy risotto, simply chop the stalks and leaves (if desired) and add them to the pan along with mushrooms or other vegetables. Celery also complements refreshing ginger drinks, like shots combining lemon juice, apple, and root ginger pieces.

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