Lego Horizon Adventures Set for Cross-Platform Launch on PC, PS5, and Nintendo Switch

In a captivating partnership, Lego and Sony bring you Lego Horizon Adventures, an enchanting game set to hit multiple platforms later this year, including PC, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. Unlike its predecessors in the Horizon series, this title invites players to embark on a lighter-hearted adventure where Aloy, the series’ heroine, extends a helping hand to a Lego hotdog vendor.

Embark on an isometric top-down adventure, a departure from the third-person action gameplay of previous Horizon games. Engage in platforming, combat, and joyful dance sequences, all while unraveling the mysteries of the Lego Horizon world. Experience the thrill of customization as you personalize Mother’s Heart with Lego structures and objects.

Lego Horizon Adventures introduces a new dimension of collaboration, supporting two-player couch and online co-op. This feature, prevalent in other Lego titles, allows you to team up with a friend for shared adventures. Sony’s commitment to multi-platform releases is evident in this title, which will launch simultaneously on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5. This strategy aligns with the success of Helldivers 2 and the upcoming Concord.

The game’s development involves a collaborative effort between Guerilla Games, the creators of the Horizon mainline series, and Studio Gobo. Rumors surrounding Lego Horizon Adventures circulated before its official announcement, thanks to credible leakers like Kurakasis and Billbil-kun of Dealabs. As we eagerly anticipate its release, the future holds exciting possibilities for Lego Horizon Adventures.

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