Marina Summers’ Playlist: Songs That Inspire Her Drag Performances

From her mesmerizing performances on Drag Race Philippines season one to her electrifying opening number at Miss Universe Philippines 2024, Marina Summers has become a force to be reckoned with in the drag world. Now, she’s sharing the songs that inspire her fierce and fabulous performances on stage through Vogue Playlists.

For a song that gets her moving and grooving, Marina chooses “Woman” by Doja Cat. “I feel like that song was made for me to perform,” she says. “It’s already embedded in my muscle memory and in my brain, and you can just play it, and I’ll just start moving.”

Drag is an art form, and Marina never does something half-baked. It is only fitting that when asked what song makes her feel beautiful, she chooses “ART” by Tyla. “I love the message of the song,” she says. “I am a masterpiece, so hang me up on your wall.”

The past year has been a whirlwind for Marina, but as she chooses a song that describes her life right now, she feels that she was “Born To Do Drag.” Written by herself, composed by Paw Castillo, and produced by Moophs, she shares her feelings on working on the song: “I would say it’s one of the easiest songs that I did because everything just flowed really quickly,” she says.

Marina has come a long way from being a kid living in Nueva Vizcaya. Reflecting on the past, a song that she dedicates to her younger self would be “Scars” by Sam Smith. “It’s not specifically about the story, but just the mere emotions and the message of that song speak to me so much,” she says. “I wish I had that song when I was growing up.”

For confidence, the only answer for Marina is Beyoncé. Specifically, her critically acclaimed album “Renaissance.” But if she had to pick, the song that gives her the most confidence is “Heated.”

Marina is known for her dance moves to upbeat and catchy songs, but the drag queen can also tap into other genres, such as modern blues. When asked what she would like to perform in the future, she picks “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James or any of Etta James’ songs. “She’s always my morning jam,” she says in Tagalog.

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