Massive Water Main Break in Calgary Forces Residents to Conserve Water

Massive Water Main Break in Calgary Forces Residents to Conserve Water

A major water main break in Calgary’s Montgomery neighborhood has left residents of Bowness under a boil water advisory and forced the entire city to conserve water usage. The break occurred on Wednesday night, triggering concerns about the water supply and prompting emergency officials to hold a press conference on Saturday to provide an update on the situation.

According to Chris Houston, manager of drinking water distribution for the city, repair crews have been working around the clock to resolve the issue. However, the exact cause of the break has yet to be determined, and crews are currently pumping water away from the site to assess the damage and prepare the feeder main for inspection.

Houston emphasized the importance of residents being prepared for an extended disruption in water service, as repairs could take up to seven days to complete. In the meantime, city staff is urging Calgarians to take shorter showers, reduce indoor water use, and postpone non-essential tasks such as watering lawns and doing laundry.

The water main break has raised concerns about the condition of the city’s infrastructure. While the exact cause of the break is still under investigation, the incident highlights the importance of ongoing maintenance and investment in water infrastructure to prevent future disruptions and ensure a reliable water supply for the city’s residents.

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