Nellie Partow’s Latest Resort Collection: Inspired by Real-Life Moments and Women’s Experiences

Nellie Partow’s latest resort collection is a testament to her instinctual design process and her deep connection to women’s real-life experiences. Partow’s travels to her mills in Italy led her to discover a unique 100% natural organic cotton fabric from the 1960s or 1970s, which features a wave-like pattern woven into the warp yarns. This unexpected fabric inspired a slim skirt that combines elegance with a workhorse quality. The skirt is paired with Partow’s classic oversized silk and wool blend button-down, creating a perfect foil with its sheen.

Partow’s fascination with specialty metallic fabrics continues in this collection, with a tissue-thin metallic lamé used in an oversized T-shirt and a midi-length drawstring skirt. The fabric’s color-shifting properties, from gold to silver to mustard yellow to gray, are achieved through hand-painted gold on the underside, which reflects through the silver.

Experimenting with hand-dyeing techniques, Partow creates a unique fabric with wide-set, pencil-thin black stripes. The uneven wash of color achieved through the “cold press” technique resembles a beautiful water stain. This fabric is used to craft a simple button-down shirt and a pair of narrow trousers, which are accessorized with a calfskin leather skirt and black flip flops.

Nellie Partow’s resort collection reflects her understanding that women’s lives are complex and often involve balancing different roles and responsibilities. Her uncomplicated and versatile pieces empower women to feel confident and stylish, regardless of their busy schedules.

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