Netherlands Threatens to Boycott Eurovision over Disqualification

The Netherlands has warned it may pull out of future Eurovision Song Contests after this year’s contestant, Joost Klein, was disqualified. Dutch broadcaster Avrotros has called for “structural adjustments” to the competition and will keep its participation “under consideration” until such changes are made.

Singer Joost Klein was disqualified during the 2024 competition in Malmö, Sweden, after allegedly making verbal threats to a female production worker – the first time an act has been disqualified having got through to the final. Swedish police said the singer was likely to face charges.

Avrotros said it “still (believes) that the disqualification” of Klein “was unnecessary and disproportionate”. The broadcaster vowed to “cooperate” with the European Broadcasting Union’s review, but is calling for “a broader, more in-depth, and truly independent investigation”.

In its statement, released last week (Thursday 6 June), Avrotros underlined that its concerns went beyond the “incident” involving Klein in Malmö, voicing the need to look into the contest’s management, rules and appeals process, and increased pressure on artists and delegations.

The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest was among the most controversial in the competition’s history, in part overshadowed by allegations of political bias in the contest. Last week, Ireland’s Bambie Thug shared posts on social media alleging violations by the Israeli delegation, including comments made during their performance, as well as off-stage incidents during the dress rehearsal of the Grand Final.

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