Oklahoma City to Build Record-breaking 1,907-Foot Skyscraper, Legends Tower

Oklahoma City, the 20th largest city in the United States, is set to make history with the construction of Legends Tower, a colossal skyscraper that will soar to an unprecedented height of 1,907 feet. This ambitious project, spearheaded by developer Scot Matteson, will shatter the previous height restrictions of the city and establish Oklahoma City as the new architectural marvel of the nation.

The massive development, known as The Boardwalk at Bricktown, encompasses approximately five million square feet and comprises four towers, with Legends Tower taking center stage as the tallest structure. Initially proposed at 1,750 feet, the tower’s height was subsequently increased to 1,907 feet, a symbolic nod to the year Oklahoma joined the union as the 46th state.

Legends Tower is not merely a testament to architectural prowess; it also embodies a vision for a vibrant mixed-use complex. Matteson Capital envisions a bustling hub that will house residential spaces, luxurious hotels, delectable restaurants, lively bars, and captivating entertainment venues. This vision was unveiled in a comprehensive presentation to city officials in June 2023.

During the city council’s pivotal meeting, the proposal garnered overwhelming support, with eight out of nine members voting in favor of the height increase. However, one council member expressed concerns about the developers’ partnership with the nonprofit Aspiring Anew Generation to address local homelessness and affordable housing.

Construction is slated to commence this fall, with the first of the four structures taking shape. Legends Tower will follow suit at a later date. Upon its completion, Legends Tower will not only dwarf Oklahoma City’s current tallest building, Devon Energy Center, but will also surpass the iconic 1,776-foot-tall One World Trade Center in New York City, setting a new record for the United States. Legends Tower will join the ranks of the world’s tallest architectural wonders, showcasing Oklahoma City’s unyielding spirit and its commitment to innovation and progress.

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