Palworld’s ‘Sakurajima’ Update Brings New Environments, Pals, and Progression

Pocketpair’s Summer Game Fest live stream revealed that Palworld, the popular monster-taming game dubbed as the “Pokémon with guns” title, will receive a substantial update later this month. The ‘Sakurajima’ update, named after a real island in Japan, introduces a new island with varying landscapes, including mushroom forests and haunted houses, as well as new buildings for customization enthusiasts.

The update also introduces several new Pals, or creatures, that seem to fit the diverse environments of the new island. These include a bulky, skull-faced ghost and an armor-clad knight with a red-feathered helmet. The new Palworld level cap also provides progression for returning players to work towards.

Apart from the new island and Pals, the Sakurajima update also brings dedicated Xbox servers, allowing fans to create their own servers for Xbox players. Palworld already supports servers on PC for up to 32 players.

Other notable features include the ability to invade enemy oil rigs and a proper PvP arena mode, expanding the competitive aspect of the monster-taming MMORPG. Additionally, a new faction and boss will be introduced, allowing players to choose their alignment.

Palworld garnered significant attention when it launched on Steam in January 2024, thanks to its similarities to the popular Pokémon series. While the player count has declined since then, Pocketpair developers have remained supportive of players’ choices, encouraging them to return whenever they wish. The Sakurajima update may be the incentive that brings players back to the game.

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