Paris 2024: India Aims for More Glory at Summer Olympics

The world’s sporting eyes will be on Paris from July 26 to August 11, 2024, as the city hosts the 33rd edition of the Summer Olympics. This will be the third time Paris has been chosen to host the quadrennial event, following its successful hosting in 1900 and 1924. Only London has the distinction of hosting the Olympics three times, making Paris an exclusive member of this prestigious club.

India, having achieved its best-ever performance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with seven medals, is eager to build on that success in Paris. The nation has a rich Olympic history, boasting a total of 35 medals, including 10 gold medals, in the Summer Games.

The Indian men’s field hockey team stands out as a beacon of success at the Summer Olympics. The team has consistently performed at a high level, capturing 12 medals since its first gold medal in Amsterdam in 1928. The team’s dominance is further illustrated by its impressive eight gold medals, along with one silver and three bronze medals. Their most recent gold medal came in Moscow in 1980.

As India prepares for Paris 2024, the nation hopes to emulate the achievements of its past and continue to make its mark on the global sporting stage. The anticipation for the Games is high, with athletes and fans alike eager to witness the next chapter in India’s Olympic journey.

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