Phone Use on Vacation: A Mixed Bag of Reactions and Implications

Using Mini Umbrellas to Protect Phones While Sunbathing Draws Mixed Reactions

Vacationers relaxing by the pool have recently sparked controversy with their use of mini umbrellas to protect their phones from the sun. A video of a couple using these suction-cup shade attachments has attracted criticism from some who label the practice ‘sad’ and encourage people to engage with their surroundings instead.

Survey Reveals Britons’ Preference for Phones on Vacation

A survey of 9,000 people by found that 55% of Britons would rather travel with their phones than a loved one, friend, or family member. On average, holidaymakers used their phones for more than seven hours per day during a break, primarily for social media scrolling, but also for news updates, destination research, and messaging.

Balancing Screen Time with Quality Time

While using technology on vacation can be convenient, experts caution against excessive use that could impact relationships. Relationship expert Hayley Quinn highlights the importance of responding to ‘relationship bids,’ such as physical affection or verbal communication, to maintain a strong connection. Ignoring these bids repeatedly can leave partners feeling ignored and damage self-esteem.

Shared Experiences on the Rise

Research indicates a growing trend among couples seeking shared experiences on their honeymoons and vacations. A 36% increase in sightseeing honeymoons and a 27% rise in adventure-based nuptial celebrations suggest a shift away from traditional ‘fly and flop’ holidays.


Whether using mini umbrellas to protect phones on vacation is appropriate or not remains a matter of personal preference. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance between screen time and quality time with loved ones to ensure a fulfilling and memorable experience.

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