PM Modi Expresses Gratitude for Bill Gates’ Congratulations on Third Term

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed deep appreciation for the congratulatory message he received from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who hailed Modi’s leadership and India’s progress in various sectors. Responding to Gates, Modi recalled their previous engaging conversation on the transformative role of technology in governance and healthcare, as well as India’s commitment to addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development. Modi emphasized the value of their partnership in leveraging innovation for the benefit of humanity. Gates had lauded India’s position as a source of innovation, particularly in sectors such as health, agriculture, women-led development, and digital transformation. He expressed his anticipation for their continued collaboration to enhance the lives of people both within India and around the world. Modi’s appreciation for Gates’ message comes as he assumes his third term as Prime Minister of India. The swearing-in ceremony, which took place on Sunday evening, was attended by numerous dignitaries, including President Droupadi Murmu and leaders from neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Seychelles, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Nepal, and Bhutan.

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