Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Absent from Trooping the Colour Amidst Family Concerns and Safety Issues

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were once again absent from the annual Trooping the Colour event in the United Kingdom. This marked the second consecutive year that the couple was not invited to the celebration, which honors the Queen’s official birthday.

According to royal family commentator Esther Krakue, the decision to exclude the Sussexes was unsurprising given the current health issues affecting three members of the Royal Family. She stated that having the couple in close proximity during this sensitive time would not be prudent. Additionally, Krakue suggested that the Sussexes themselves would likely decline an invitation due to their concerns about their safety in the UK.

Harry, who currently resides in California with his wife and children, is reportedly seeking a permanent home in Britain. Despite having his security arrangements reduced after stepping back from his royal duties, Harry is engaged in a legal battle to ensure his safety while in the UK.

Royal author Tom Quinn believes that Harry is experiencing a longing for his previous life. According to Quinn, Harry misses his friends from Eton and the military, many of whom have distanced themselves due to their disapproval of Meghan. Quinn also suggests that the initial excitement of living in the US is fading, and Harry is looking back on his past with a sense of nostalgia.

As time progresses, Harry appears to be increasingly drawn to certain aspects of his former life in the UK. Quinn notes that Harry cherishes memories of his time as a member of the Royal Family and misses the camaraderie and traditions associated with his previous role.

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