Racism in Healthcare: Putting Patients’ Health at Risk

Racism is pervasive in healthcare systems around the world, jeopardizing the health and well-being of patients. In her book “Systemic,” science journalist Layal Liverpool delves into the historical roots and ongoing impact of racial inequities in medicine. Drawing on her expertise in biomedical research and journalism, Liverpool presents a compelling narrative that exposes the profound influence of racism on healthcare outcomes.

Liverpool’s book unveils disturbing trends that persist in medical education and research. She traces the legacy of racial biases in medical textbooks and guidelines, highlighting the harmful effects they have on patient care. However, she also offers hope by showcasing individuals who are actively challenging these inequities and working towards a more just and equitable healthcare system.

Liverpool emphasizes the urgent need to recognize racism as the underlying cause of racial and ethnic health disparities. She argues that reducing these disparities requires dismantling the systemic racism that permeates society, rather than solely addressing individual risk factors. By shedding light on the devastating consequences of racism in healthcare, Liverpool’s book aims to inspire a collective effort towards creating a healthier world for all.

Liverpool’s extensive research and compelling storytelling make “Systemic” an essential read for anyone concerned about health equity. It is a powerful indictment of the current state of healthcare and a roadmap for creating a more just and equitable system that serves all patients, regardless of their race or background.

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