Rahul Gandhi Warns Prime Minister Against Tampering with Constitution

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, in his inaugural address in Raebareli following his victory in the Lok Sabha elections, delivered a stern warning to the Prime Minister, stating that any attempt to tamper with the Constitution would be met with fierce resistance from the public. Addressing a large gathering in Raebareli on Tuesday, the Congress MP emphasized the significance of the message sent by the electorate, highlighting the BJP’s triumph in Amethi, his own victory in Rae Bareli, and the success of INDIA alliance MPs in Uttar Pradesh. He further noted the BJP’s loss in the Ayodhya constituency and claimed that the Prime Minister’s own victory in Varanasi was narrow, suggesting that his sister, Priyanka Gandhi, could have defeated him by a significant margin of 2-3 lakh votes had she contested from that constituency.

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