Shay Mitchell’s Birkin Bag: A Multitude of Mom Essentials

Shay Mitchell’s blue-gray Birkin bag is a functional and stylish accessory that holds a multitude of items essential to her daily life. From her Mary Poppins-esque assortment of wet wipes and organic gummy candy, to her well-stocked fashion emergency kit and sentimental grandmother’s drawing, Mitchell’s Birkin serves as a reflection of her multifaceted role as a mother, actress, and entrepreneur.

As a mother of two, Mitchell has transformed her Birkin into a Mom Mobile, equipped with everything she needs to keep her children entertained and comfortable. From wet wipes to snacks, Mitchell’s bag is a well-stocked arsenal against any parenting challenge. She also indulges her sweet tooth with a bag of organic gummy candy, both for her own enjoyment and as a bribery tactic for her children.

Mitchell is also hyper-aware of the physical changes that motherhood has brought to her body, including her skin. She carries a khaki baseball cap in her bag to protect her skin from the sun and elements, emphasizing the importance of adjustability and a wide brim for effective sun protection.

The most special piece in Mitchell’s bag is a priceless gift from her late grandmother: a drawing of her grandmother and daughter, Atlas, with a personalized message on the back. Mitchell treasures this keepsake and keeps it close to her heart, acknowledging the emotional significance of family and the memories they share. She also carries a photo of herself with her grandmother on the red carpet, reminding her of the special bond they shared and the lasting impact her grandmother had on her life.

Shay Mitchell’s Birkin bag is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a reflection of her multifaceted life, her love for her family, and her commitment to practicality and style.

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