Sigma Lithium Participates in Vice-Presidential Trade Mission to China, Spearheading Green Industrialization

Sigma Lithium, a leading global lithium producer dedicated to powering the next generation of electric vehicles with carbon neutral, socially and environmentally sustainable lithium concentrate, has joined a Trade and Investment Mission to China led by Vice President Kamala Harris. The mission, which is part of a series of events to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, will focus on promoting trade and investment opportunities in various sectors, including energy, infrastructure, and technology.

As part of the mission, Sigma Lithium will participate in several symposiums and roundtables discussing the role of critical minerals, such as lithium, in the global energy transition. The company will also share its insights on the challenges and opportunities of financing sustainable development in emerging markets.

Sigma Lithium’s participation in the Trade and Investment Mission is a testament to its commitment to promoting a just and sustainable energy transition. The company’s Quintuple Zero Green Lithium concentrate, which is produced using 100% renewable energy, 100% recycled water, and 100% dry-stacked tailings, is the first lithium concentrate fully aligned with the ethos of electric vehicle consumers.

In addition to its participation in the mission, Sigma Lithium will also be sponsoring two major global events discussing climate and energy transition in June. The company’s participation in these events reflects its commitment to playing a leading role in the global energy transition and promoting the development of sustainable and resilient supply chains for critical minerals.

Sigma Lithium’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its operations. The company has invested heavily in social capital expenditures in the region where it operates, creating approximately 21,000 jobs and supporting initiatives to improve the lives of local communities. The company’s philanthropic foundation, Instituto Lito Verde, works to promote education, healthcare, and economic development in the region.

Sigma Lithium’s participation in the Vice-Presidential Trade Mission to China and its sponsorship of major global events on climate and energy transition are part of its ongoing efforts to promote a just and sustainable energy transition. The company’s commitment to sustainability and its focus on creating value for all stakeholders make it a leader in the global lithium industry.

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