The Rat Race of Education: A Burden on Indian Children

The pursuit of higher scores and better grades has become an overwhelming burden for children in India. Compelled to prioritize studies over their interests and resort to rote memorization, students find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle that consumes their well-being. This obsession stems from the deeply ingrained belief that academic performance dictates a child’s future prospects. Parents, driven by high expectations for their children’s future achievements, impose relentless pressure to excel academically, demanding nothing less than perfect scores. Schools, eager to enhance their reputations and rankings, inadvertently foster an environment of cut-throat competition, pitting students against one another in a toxic game where one’s loss becomes another’s gain. This relentless pressure breeds fear of failure, self-doubt, and anxiety, leading to a widespread prevalence of mental health issues among young people, particularly teenage students. The constant stress and fear of not meeting expectations can overwhelm students, leading them into an emotional spiral that hinders their ability to perform. This rat race of education, driven by the pursuit of academic glory, is taking a heavy toll on the mental health and well-being of India’s children, highlighting the urgent need for reform in the country’s education system.

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