The Westin London City Unveils an Immersive Installation by Victoria Noakes, Celebrating the River Thames

Environmental Art Installation Graces The Westin London City

Victoria Noakes, a celebrated British artist and architectural designer, has partnered with The Westin London City to unveil a captivating installation that celebrates the iconic River Thames. Noakes, recognized for her impressive international portfolio and collaboration with Tate Modern, has meticulously crafted this thought-provoking display to inspire awareness and reflection on the importance of preserving the river and its ecosystem.

Housed within the hotel’s Haven lobby, the installation will be accessible from June to September. It serves as a contemplative space for guests, inviting them on a journey of discovery and reflection. A series of engaging activities, tailored for both children and adults, will complement the installation and emphasize sustainability and environmental consciousness. Mindful walks along the Thames, educational events, sound baths, and meditation sessions are among the planned offerings.

Crafted with meticulous attention to sustainability, the installation embodies the hotel’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and educating visitors about their environment. Recycled metal, water-based dyes, compostable materials, deadstock fabrics, and recycled wood from previous projects are among the sustainable materials employed. This dedication to environmental responsibility underscores The Westin London City’s unwavering commitment to sustainability.

In conjunction with the installation, the hotel is introducing a new spa treatment, Ultimate Wave of Serenity. This luxurious 60-minute experience enhances hydration levels and promotes relaxation. It commences with a marine algae exfoliation, rich in antioxidants, to smooth the skin and stimulate circulation, leaving a radiant glow. The session concludes with a refreshing sea water mist, hydrating the body and fostering a sense of complete well-being.

Victoria Noakes emphasizes the holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing more than just materials. Her collaboration with Veevers Carter and The Westin London City aims to deliver an immersive and educational installation that encourages contemplation and reflection on our connection with the wider water cycle, encompassing our inner waters, the River Thames, and vast oceans.

General Manager Raffaele Ruocco expresses excitement about the partnership with Victoria Noakes. He recognizes her passion for the river and her understanding of its significance to Londoners, making her the ideal collaborator for this project. Together, they aspire to create an impactful experience that resonates deeply with guests, raising awareness about the river’s fragility and the importance of protecting its ecosystem.

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