Troye Sivan’s Extravagant Tour: A Visual Feast of Music and Fashion

In a dazzling performance at Primavera Sound, Troye Sivan captivated the audience with the opening act of his latest tour. Clad in a deconstructed Helmut Lang tank top, Sivan delivered a high-octane performance to his single “Got Me Started,” accompanied by a chorus of enthusiastic screams. This electrifying start was just a taste of what’s to come on Sivan’s extensive tour, which will take him across Europe and the US throughout the year.

Sivan’s tour showcases his most recent album, a stylish and confident pop release that has been met with critical acclaim. The album’s accompanying music videos, directed by Sivan and Gordon von Steiner, have pushed boundaries and created a buzz online. Sivan’s tour brings this visual world to life, featuring a full live band, elaborate lighting and sets, and a remarkable number of costume changes.

One of the highlights of the show is Sivan’s performance of “One of Your Girls,” where he channels the gender-bending spirit of the music video by wearing a custom black bustier by Jean Paul Gaultier. Sivan’s fashion choices throughout the tour are a collaboration with Spanish stylist Marc Forné, who has worked closely with Sivan to create a wardrobe that reflects the album’s themes and the energy of the live performances.

Forné has also incorporated younger, independent designers into the tour wardrobe, such as Barcelona-based brand Gimaguas, who created playful appliquéd tank tops for the Primavera show. The tour’s fashion is not just about aesthetics; it’s designed to withstand the rigors of Sivan’s energetic performances, with practical modifications made to ensure seamless costume changes.

Sivan and Forné have also created location-specific fashion surprises throughout the tour, working with local designers to incorporate elements of each city into the wardrobe. This collaborative approach enhances the connection between Sivan and his fans, making each performance a unique and memorable experience. As the tour continues, Sivan promises to deliver even more stunning visuals and electrifying performances, cementing his status as one of the most exciting and innovative artists in music today.

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