Your Horoscope: What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Week?


You will be in communication with someone who works for a newspaper, magazine, or popular website. Unexpected support will be received for your ideas and business aims. Problems are starting to ease, and there is a growing feeling of satisfaction. Your past hard-working efforts have been well worth it.


You work hard for your money, and normally, you are careful about how you spend it. Cash seems to be disappearing at an amazing rate. Attractive items keep catching your eye in shops and online stores. Your main challenge, therefore, is to resist parting with your hard-earned cash.


You’re noticing how a workmate or housemate has a tendency to exaggerate everything. You won’t want to offend them, but you are starting to take what they say with a pinch of salt. A goal will be achieved through sheer determination.


Continue to refrain from getting too involved in other people’s financial problems. Friends find it easy to talk to you. But when conversations veer onto money, change the subject. You really don’t want to know someone’s financial particulars in such great detail.


Avoiding over-indulgence in any form is essential to your health and well-being. Make it your intention to make self-indulgence a thing of the past. Your system is more delicate than you’d like to admit. Strong cocktails, rich desserts, and spicy food could cause a bad reaction.


A senior colleague will say more than they should about a sensitive issue. Don’t be tempted to be as candid as them as it will not be appreciated. You won’t have to ask to think about it if an exciting offer takes you by surprise. He who hesitates is lost.


A hold up in the works will give you some spare time. You won’t want to waste this as there are a few tasks and chores you can tie up while you are waiting for everything to get moving again. These may seem trivial compared with some responsibilities but they still require attention.


Be cautious in legal and financial matters. There is something going on you haven’t been told about, and you won’t find out what it is until later in the month. You have a difficult decision to make. Don’t be in a rush to give a final answer.


You’re wondering whether it is possible to fight bureaucracy and win? Costs are going up, and wages seem menial in comparison. There is support for innovation and technology but no plans to increase individual wages. If you aren’t respected for your skills, start keeping ideas to yourself and look for another job.


An event you had been dreading taking part in will be surprisingly easy. A long-standing friendship or partnership is undergoing some change. Either you are demanding more from partnerships in general, or someone is expecting too much from you.


You will be offered an opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and talents. It’s not just the product you are offering, but people want to get engaged with the whole story. You won’t be surprised by how integral social media has been to your business growth.


Worries relate to recent developments on the domestic scene. When you think about it, nothing is very much wrong. It’s just that matters proceed a little too slowly for your liking. Since there is nothing you can do to hurry things along, focus instead on things you can control.

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