BITE Studios Resort 2023: Evolution Within Self-Set Limits

Within the confines of self-imposed limitations, BITE Studios has found its niche. The brand’s new resort collection showcases significant strides in the realm of materials. According to co-founder William Lundgren, 99% of the textiles employed in this collection are organic or certified, upholding the promise of the brand’s name – By Independent Thinkers for Environmental Progress.

Aesthetically, Lundgren, Veronika Kant, and their team continue to push the boundaries of adding a touch of flair to a minimalist wardrobe. The iconic BITE peplum remains a staple, now adorned with flamenco-inspired frills. Unexpected denim Capri pants with ruffled hems bring a playful twist. Flirty shirts with asymmetric rippling hems complement the knits, some crafted from Mongolian cashmere, subtly accentuating the silhouette.

‘We were drawn to a combination of coziness and ease,’ remarked Kant. This sentiment is evident in the effortless transition to elegant yet unpretentious evening attire. The classic LBD receives an update in black and white organza, flowing into ethereal panels at the hem. BITE introduces a sophisticated cream-and-white take on a smoking-style ensemble, and a sharp black tunic and trousers combination. A-line silhouettes, some with a touch of rigidity, make repeated appearances throughout the collection, culminating in a standout black coat featuring unexpected ruffles and a matching button-on shawl that offers versatile styling options.

A sense of lightness pervades the collection. Transparencies, exemplified by a white-on-white ensemble, contribute to this ethereal quality. The pleating adorning the sheer shirt extends to the legs of khaki pants, offering a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous cargo pants.

BITE Studios continues to evolve within its self-imposed limits, harmonizing sustainability with a touch of whimsy and femininity. The Resort 2023 collection embraces comfort, ease, and individuality, while remaining committed to environmental consciousness.

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