Michael Kors and Mastercard Partner for a Revolutionary AI-Driven Shopping Experience

Michael Kors, the iconic fashion retailer, has joined forces with Mastercard to usher in a transformative shopping experience for its U.S. customers. This partnership brings forth Shopping Muse, a next-generation retail assistant powered by Dynamic Yield, a Mastercard company. Michael Kors holds the distinction of being the first retailer to incorporate Shopping Muse and its cutting-edge generative AI capabilities into its website.

The integration of Shopping Muse comes at an opportune moment, coinciding with the highly anticipated summer adventures and wedding season. This innovative assistant elevates the online shopping experience by skillfully interpreting consumers’ everyday language and generating personalized product recommendations. Fashion-conscious shoppers can effortlessly discover the perfect attire that aligns with their unique inquiries, preferences, and behaviors.

This highly personalized approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also positively impacts revenue generation. Initial tests have demonstrated that Shopping Muse achieves an impressive 15-20% higher conversion rate compared to traditional search queries. This partnership between Michael Kors and Mastercard showcases the immense potential of AI in revolutionizing the retail industry, providing consumers with a seamless and captivating shopping experience.

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