Dual Citizens in Ukraine Face Exit Restrictions, Embassy Warns

The US Embassy in Ukraine has issued a warning to dual citizens, stating that as of June 1st, Ukraine has eliminated the provision permitting those with multiple citizenships to exit the nation, even if they qualified for military duty. The warning emphasizes that Ukrainian law does not recognize or control dual citizenship in the first place. The embassy stated that “US-Ukrainian dual citizens are therefore treated solely as Ukrainian citizens while in Ukraine and are subject to the rights and obligations of Ukrainian citizens.”

According to the message, all military-age men in Ukraine, aged 18 to 60, who are qualified for military duty, are prohibited from leaving the nation, even if they also possess US passports, even during the period of martial rule.

Previously, individuals with dual citizenship in the US and Ukraine were allowed to enter and leave the country as long as they registered their US address.

The embassy further stated that it could not alter the circumstances and recommended that dual citizens check the US Department of State’s website for vital travel information.

“If you are in Ukraine and cannot leave the country, shelter in place and obey all local orders,” the message said. The message also stated that “if you are not currently in Ukraine, we strongly recommend against all travel to Ukraine by US citizen males aged 18 to 60 who also have Ukrainian citizenship or a claim to Ukrainian citizenship and who do not wish to stay in Ukraine indefinitely. There is an extremely high risk you will not be allowed to depart, even with a US passport.”

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