How to Remove English Ivy from Brickwork: A 3-Step Method

An expert gardener from Homebase has shared a three-step method to effectively remove English ivy from brickwork. While ivy can appear attractive, it can quickly become problematic, damaging brickwork, weakening trees, and even harming fences and building structures.

To successfully eliminate ivy, you’ll need a few tools: gloves, a weed killer containing glyphosate, secateurs, a saw, a scraper, a wire brush, and a fork. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the three-step method:

1. Kill the Top Growth

First, target the ivy’s top growth. Always aim to keep ivy away from paintwork and gutters, ensuring it doesn’t damage brickwork. Due to its glossy leaves, ivy is highly resistant to weed killers. The expert recommends spraying the plant with a weed killer containing glyphosate to accelerate its demise. This will make removing the ivy from the wall easier without causing damage to the brickwork. However, multiple applications might be necessary.

Once the weed killer has taken effect, sever the plant from its roots by meticulously cutting all stems as close to the base as possible.

2. Remove the Top Growth

After the weed killer has done its job, you can begin removing the plant. The longer you wait, the easier this process becomes. Use secateurs to cut each stem, dislodging the aerial roots. Carefully pull the ivy away, being cautious not to dislodge any mortar.

Removing roots attached to the brickwork might be more challenging. To tackle this, scrape them off with a paint scraper at a 30° angle. This technique ensures minimal damage to the brickwork.

Any remaining pieces can be effectively tackled with a wire brush.

3. Removing the Roots

To remove the stump, dig it out along with its major roots in one swift action, removing as much of the root system as possible. Dig as deep and wide as necessary to ensure complete removal.

If seedlings or new roots emerge later, promptly dig them out to prevent future complications and save time.

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