Humane Warns Owners to Stop Using Charging Case Due to Fire Risk

Humane Issues Urgent Recall for Ai Pin Charging Case Due to Fire Risk

Humane has issued a safety alert to owners of its Ai Pin device, urging them to immediately discontinue use of the charging case due to a potential fire safety hazard. This announcement comes after an inspection by Humane revealed an anomaly with the battery cell within the case.

The issue was reported to Humane by a customer who experienced a charging issue, prompting an immediate investigation. To ensure customer safety, Humane has decided to suspend the use of the charging case out of an abundance of caution.

In an email sent to device owners, Humane emphasized that customer safety is their utmost priority. The company is actively seeking a new battery supplier and will provide updates on the availability of a replacement charging case.

Despite the inconvenience this may cause, Humane is offering two complimentary months of its subscription service to affected customers. This service is essential for using the Ai Pin device.

While the Ai Pin, Battery Booster, and charging pad remain unaffected by the issue, Humane has temporarily suspended all charging case sales.

Humane’s Commitment to Safety

Humane stressed in its email to customers that safety is paramount in the design and development of its products. The company rigorously tests and certifies all devices and accessories to meet applicable U.S. and international safety standards.

Disappointing Performance of Ai Pin

The Ai Pin device has faced criticism from multiple reviewers, with many claiming that it has fallen short of expectations. Despite early excitement surrounding its launch, the product has been widely panned for its failure to deliver on its promises as an AI-powered digital assistant.

Humane has acknowledged the concerns raised by reviewers and is likely to address them in future updates or product iterations.

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