Jewellery Shop Owner in Jaipur Dupes US National, Selling Fake Jewellery for ₹6 Crore

In the bustling heart of Jaipur, a jewellery shop owner named Rajendra Soni and his son, Gaurav, orchestrated an audacious scheme, defrauding a US national of a colossal ₹6 crore. The unsuspecting tourist, identified as Cherish, became the victim of their cunning deception when she purchased gold-coated silver jewellery from their shop in the renowned Johri Bazaar. To legitimize the transaction, the duo provided Cherish with a fraudulent certificate of authenticity, further solidifying their deceit.

Little did Cherish know that her prized purchase was a worthless counterfeit. The revelation came during an exhibition in the United States, where the true nature of the jewellery was exposed. Outraged, Cherish attempted to seek justice, reaching out to the shop owners and filing a complaint. However, her efforts were met with impunity, and the accused even dared to file a false case against her.

Undeterred, Cherish’s plight reached the ears of the US Embassy, prompting an intervention that shook the Jaipur Police into action. An investigation was swiftly initiated, uncovering the web of deceit that had been spun. It was discovered that the accused individuals had absconded, while the perpetrator behind the fraudulent certificate, Nand Kishore, was apprehended.

As the investigation progressed, a startling revelation emerged. The ill-gotten gains from the scam had been invested in a newly acquired ₹3 crore flat in Jaipur’s affluent C scheme area. According to police sources cited in a Business Standard report, the search for the absconding shop owners continues relentlessly.

This brazen act of deception has sent shockwaves through Jaipur’s jewellery market, tarnishing its reputation. The case serves as a stark reminder of the vigilance required when making significant purchases, particularly in the face of dubious claims and forged documents. As the Jaipur Police delve deeper into the investigation, the full extent of the fraud and the identities of all those involved are expected to be unveiled.

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