Mumbai Batters Heavy Rains, Waterlogging Cripples City

Heavy rainfall lashed Mumbai on Sunday, causing widespread waterlogging, crippling traffic, and disrupting local train services and flight operations. The downpours, which included heavy overnight showers, are expected to continue throughout the week. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted moderate to heavy rainfall in Mumbai throughout the day on July 8th.

Early Monday, heavy rain persisted in Mumbai’s Dindoshi, leading to waterlogging in multiple areas. The local weather department reported the persistent downpours. The IMD has forecasted heavy rain in Maharashtra over three to four days. The MeT department indicated that heavy rain will impact the Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada regions from July 8 to July 10, 2024.

The Central Railway cancelled several train services on July 8th due to waterlogging. These included:

1) 12110 (MMR-CSMT) JCO 08.07.2024
2) 11010 (PUNE-CSMT) JCO 08.07.2024
3) 12124 (PUNE CSMT DECCAN) JCO 08.07.2024
4) 11007 (PUNE-CSMT DECCAN) JCO 08.07.2024
5) 12127 (CSMT-PUNE INTERCITY EXP) JCO 08.07.2024

Visuals of waterlogged roads across Mumbai have been widely shared on social media, highlighting the severity of the situation. Water accumulation at railway tracks due to heavy rainfall has also been reported, further disrupting transportation in the city. The heavy rains have led to waterlogging in many parts of Mumbai, causing significant inconvenience to residents and affecting daily life.

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